PryInnova is the open innovation platform of Prysmian Group, designed to foster and promote the development of new visions, ideas, and businesses to link the sustainable future.

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The Call for Ideas

The call for ideas is an initiative launched by Prysmian Group and Corporate Hangar in collaboration with PoliHub, aimed at the scouting and development of innovative ideas capable to generate value for the company and the society.

We are looking for innovative, concrete, ideas from the national and international innovation ecosystem to co-develop them and making them happen with the selected teams.

What’s in for the winners


A grant of 5000€ for one selected finalist to develop and validate your idea.

Mentoring & support from Corporate Hangar

A dedicated network of mentors and business experts to develop and scale your idea.

Co-development contract

The possibility to sign a co-development contract with Prysmian Group to develop your idea leveraging the Group knowledge, assets, laboratories, and experts.

The Rules

Below you can download the Regulations of the Call for Ideas.

Who can apply?

One of the key objectives of Prysmian Group and Corporate Hangar is to foster and support the national and international innovation and entrepreneurial landscape, with a specific focus on seed ideas with a high technological core.

Therefore, the call for ideas is open to projects presented by:

Students and researchers from national and international universities.

Entrepreneurial teams and individuals.

Startups incorporated after the 1st of January 2018.

Deadline: 17 May 2023

Fields of interest

We are looking for solutions and innovative ideas in the following fields:

Future of energy grids

Grid resilience:

Solutions to improve the reliability and resilience of the energy grid; solutions to monitor and address effectively catastrophic events; solutions to timely and effectively address faults or potential faults; solutions to monitor the condition and eventual faults of grid accessories and substations.

Grid monitoring:

Grid monitoring solutions; solutions to monitor energy flows (e.g. Real Time Thermal Rating – RTTR…); solutions to improve grid efficiency and sustainability; solutions to power grid monitoring devices; solutions to extend the length of fiber optic sensing achievable.

Future of telecommunications

Datacenters and data transmission technologies:

Strategies to integrate sources/detectors and optical fibers in datacenters; sensing and monitoring inside datacenters (SCADA); solutions to improve datacenters efficiency and energy consumption.


Scope 1:

Alternatives to gas SF6; factory electrification; energy management solutions (Smart energy fluxes management; optimization of energy consumptions with production data).

Scope 2:

Renewables integration (business models or technologies for direct renewables consumptions); factory renewable energy consumption (small solar panels and solutions for manufacturing); thermal energy recovery; solutions for direct access to clean energy (PPA: Purchase Power Agreements).

Scope 3:

Solutions relative to materials circularity and waste tracking; innovative and sustainable materials for the cable industry; separation of co-extruded materials and solutions to effectively recycle optic fibers; solutions to make cable drums more sustainable; sustainable packaging for the industry; solutions to limit grid losses.


Solutions to address the digital divide gap.

Health & safety

Worker’s safety:

Solutions to improve safety in plant operations; advanced PPEs (People Protection Equipments); safe handling of heavy loads and movimentation systems.


About Us

Connecting continents, countries, and communities.

Prysmian Group offers the widest range of services and know-how in the business. Each year, the Group manufactures thousands of miles of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, as well as medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. We also produce a comprehensive range of optical fibres, copper cables and connectivity systems for voice, video and data transmission for the telecommunications sector.

Prysmian Group holds a global presence, with 29k employees working in more than 50 countries generating a 12+ Bln€ yearly turnover.


We provide our customers with superior cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in execution, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profit.


Energy and information help communities develop. That’s why it’s so important that they’re always available, and that they’re supplied: effectively. Efficiently. Sustainably.


Prysmian Group is made of People. Values have always been the focus in Prysmian Group, crucial steps to define our company’s DNA. We aim to lead the industry evolution, combining our ability to develop people and business, in a clear direction while anticipating customer needs.


We aim to lead the industry evolution, combining our ability to develop our people and our business in a clear direction while anticipating customer needs.


We want to create an environment of trust that exploits diversity and collaboration, where people are empowered to make decisions with integrity.


We bet to simplify anything we can, focusing on high value generating activities and timely decisions to boost our Company results.

Corporate Hangar was born in 2017 to address externally the issue of innovation in Prysmian Group.

Corporate Hangar embraces the philosophy of open innovation allowing us to increase the speed and scope of innovation. The core of innovation is creating results by doing new things. Innovation is about action – not only thinking about challenges but acting on them in a different way.

Innovation is not necessarily about introducing a ground-breaking idea to the whole world, but instead about introducing a new idea to your team, unit, or region. Ultimately, innovation should make a measurable difference, and create value that aligns with the strategic goals.

PoliHub is the Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano, managed by the University Foundation. Its mission is to accompany the birth of deep tech startups that generate value for society and the economy towards a model of sustainable progress, thanks to science and technology and leveraging the ecosystem of the Politecnico di Milano. PoliHub supports the birth and development of deep tech startups, accompanies national and multinational companies in the exploration of new products, services and business models and supports relationships between startups, companies, experts, institutions and investors, built on the sharing of resources and skills, with the aim of accelerating technological progress and creating economic and strategic benefits.